You're my heroine!

I'm comparing Dot Matrix and Batgirl/Oracle today! Scary. These two women are idolized by tons of chicks. I couldn't help but notice the uncanny similarities between the two. So I made a VS. page for them. You should also note that I linked to Batman/Batgirl resources throughout this page, so if you get confuzzled you have a place to get info. You could also email me. Here we go!

Quick Stats:

Dot Batgirl
AKA: Dot Matrix, Commander Matrix AKA: Barbara Gordon, Oracle
Appears in: ReBoot (duh!) Appears in: Almost every DC comic

~Now, let's take a look at these numbered pictures of the two and compare their physical similarties:

1. Both have gorgeous hair. Also, both have hair colors that are hard to copy. (If you've seen these shades, CONTACT ME. Please?)

2. Red lisptick. And yes, I do know that Batgirl has been seen with black lipstick. Which just proves that they both wear dark makeup well. Plus, they both have nice smiles. Which is always good for a heroine.

3. Very important symbols on their chest. Without the Bat, B-girl might as well be Catwoman. Without her icon, Dot's toast.

4. Gloves! A heroine's look can't be complete without 'em.

5. Belts. I'm guessing Dot's belt isn't there just to look cool. It may not have Batarangs in it, but it's probably some sort of utility belt like B-girl's.

6. Quite frankly, I don't think they called it ReBoot because of the cutesy computer term. Almost everyone on the show wears boots. Batgirl wears boots as well, but they're not calling it Bootman. Oh, wait...their IS a Bootman. Wow!

7. Just look at their confident postures! See, Dot's all ready to fight Megs and Batgirl's ready to jump around Gotham's rooftops. Yeah.

~Now, I was going to point out that they both have eyewear, just different kinds in these two pictures. But that'd be silly, because I can just show you a picture of Batgirl when she's Oracle (you don't have to care to understand) and you'll see that she sports those nifty circle glasses and ear-thingy herself! See?

And they're simply infuriatingly hard to replicate. Or maybe I'm being silly again.

~Let's point out some non-physical similarities.

1. People waited years to see Bob and Dot kiss. It was beautiful, it made me cry, it's my desktop wallpaper right now. Dot played hard to get in Seasons 1 and 2 and it drove us nuts. It also took years for Barbara (who's Oracle at this point) to kiss the guy she'd been playing hard to get with - Dick Grayson (Robin/Nitghtwing). Of course opposed to a few years, this was a longer amount of time that I'm not even going to get into. Kinda depressing.

2. ReBoot is a show about computers. Dot lives inside a computer. We knew that, right? Barbara Gordon has a degree in computer science. As Batgirl, she surpasses Batman when it comes to computers. Later on, as Oracle, her tool is the computer and the world of computers and the internet is her domain. (Maybe she needs to talk to Ray Tracer!) She's so good it's scary. So I think it's safe to say that both chicks are computer goddesses in their own way.

3. In Season 3, our friend Dot is the of Mainframe. She's tough nuggets, man. The CPUs are pretty much Mainframe's police force, and Dot gets to order them around. Barbara's father/uncle/whatever is/was the police commissioner of Gotham. Three guesses what he gets to do. And to really take this home, in Batman Beyond, a much older Barbara, who is no longer Batgirl or Oracle is police commissioner (and she's tough nuggets, too). Freaky!

4. Dot's partner in crime in Season 3 (this is the season where she really shines, eh?) is Mouse. They kick butt together. They're a girls only duo without male help. Oracle has a partner - Black Canary. They're another duo of complete girl power.

5. Neither of these girls are cheesy girly heroines. They can operate on their own, without any special powers or men. Both are brilliant, independant and completely worthy of girls wanting to be like them. I know I do.

~Of course there are some differences...

1. Barbara was shot and had her spine severed. She's now wheelchair bound (not like that stops her - that's when she became Oracle). Dot isn't. At least I think she isn't... Maybe I have an idea here.

2. Dot never has, and never will use a grappling hook and a cape to get around Mainframe. That's probably a good thing.

3. Batgirl's mentor is Batman...kinda. Dot's is Phong. Phong isn't vengeance or the night, but I'm betting he's got some cool gadgets in that drawer of his. Oh, darn, I just had a terrible idea. Phong: I am Phongman!

4. Dot doesn't really have any alter egos. Which is a shame, because I can see her saving Bob's butt from smuggling/kidnapping nulls. Sigh. I sparked another idea. I'll stop now.

~Um, I'd better wrap this up before I completely bore you. Hopefully, I made some kind of impact here. Maybe you're ready to give Batgirl/Oracle a chance, even. Which would be cool. If you want to get some info on Batgirl/Oracle, head on over here. That'll hook you right up. Also, to see Oracle prove how great a heroine she is, read the comic Birds of Prey, which you can order at DC Comics' website. You also might want to check out the comic Batgirl - it's a new chick but with the one I covered here as her mentor. And I suppose you know this, but to get some ReBoot info you can check out the lovey offical site of ReBoot at MFE. :)


PS - I don't own Batgirl, Batman, Robin, Nitghwing, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Oracle or DC Comics. DC comics does. Which makes sense. "Batman" was created by Bob Kane. RIP.