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Some sites I frequent.

ReBoot sites

A Minor Glitch - A VERY cool site that really has an original take on ReBoot. My favorite thing? The RoR.

AndrAIa Matrix’s ReBoot Website - Very big site. Play PONG, read some fics, learn a little more about ReBoot.

Al’s Wait and Eat - Another large site, this place has a lot of stuff to do. You can send a greeting card and read some funny stuff here. AW writes really well. Go read “An Eye For an Eye”.

Julia Cat’s ReBoot Corner - This is a very respected site. It’s one of the oldest and certainly shows it. This place has a HUGE fic archive for you to leaf through. You a beginning Bootnick? Go here first.

Waiting 4 ReBoot - Lissa Jean (that’s the webmistress) has a nifty little place going here. There are many wallpapers for you to download and a growing archive of episode novelizations.

Slack and Hash’s Domain - Nope, no typo here! Talented writers and artists, Slack and Hash have a nice site here. Read the fics and see Hash’s page of stuff. It has the missing Mousetrap scene!

The List - The bitch behind this site sure knows her stuff! She points out all the crappy ReBoot fics out there and names the good ones. Loosen up a little and laugh at her bluntness.

Friends’ sites

My Spiffy Cool Webpage! - My bud Lori’s site. She’s as funny as her site, and she makes homeroom a little more interesting.

Havok’s ReBoot Page - This site is real cute! Slowly growing, she has some neat stuff to see here like edited pics. Click now!

Holl’s ReBoot Lair - Yet another ReBoot site. Small, but neat, I like it a lot here. There are some cute bytes from the ReBoot_LiST here. Me an’ Holls often e-mail each other in German. :)

Mouse’s Pad - Warning, Incoming ReBoot site! This one is growing into an awesome place. Bookmarks, beanies! Princess Buzzy will soon be stalked by me, I just need to get a phonebook and map. *g*

The ReBoot E-mail based RPG! - Run little children and enjoy roleplaying right in your inbox! I’m an active member here. (Well, am trying to be at least) This is really fun when a plot gets into full swing.

Sailormoon sites

Castle in the Sky - Sailormoon - This place has illustrated episode summaries for Sailormoon S. I highly recoomend going here.

Lyric Moon - Firgure out what all those pretty Japanese songs mean. This place has got a HUGE archive of Sailormoon song lyrics.

Sailor Moon Universe - A great big site with a lot of cool info. I like the paper doll. :)

Sailormoon - This is where I buy all my pointless Sailormoon junk. It’s nifty.

Sheer Lunacy! A Nitpicker’s Guide to the Sailormoon Universe - Just what it says. This place has name references, height comparison charts, a timeline... Trust me, it has A LOT.


Alta-Vista Translations - I take German and often forget what a word means. This place does, German, French, Spanish, and a few other language translations. It can be very helpful.

Eternal Moon - This gal has a Sailormoon site and a soon-to-be-up ReBoot site. Ladywren runs a very complete corner of the web. Check out the site about her little son - it’s cute! - Gorgeous layouts, many sites, awesome artist. There’s a few Sailormoon sites and other cute stuff. I love it!

Puzzle Maker - I use this site for my school’s newspaper. You can make your own puzzles. Very fun! *g*

The Spark - A crapload of quizes this place does have. Insanity, Sex, Purity... It also has Spark notes for you lazy students.

Puppychild’s World - Remember Zetaframe? *nodnod* Well, here’s a site by Centris that is still up. It’s a personal site and it’s pretty cute. :)

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