ReBoot is Like Poetry

Ahhhh. ReBoot is poetry. Do you feel the love? DO YOU!? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!! Ahem. Sorry, the rage. Anyways this the *drumroll* The ReBoot Poerty Page. Ill be putting my ReBoot poetry here. Can't you just feel my ego growing?

Mmmm Those Eyes By: Page Down (Me!)

Look at those eyes.
They're the beginning of my demise.
The colour...hazel it's called.
I think I'm gonna fall,
For da eyes.
It's da eyes.
This Bob lover cries,
For his eyes.
I don't even want to try,
To lose sight of his eyes.
Or those brows.
Rather, his eyebrows,
They give me da howls.
Yes his brows and his eyes
Are the beginning of my demise.
I don't want to shy away.
At night I pray.
That he'll be mine.
His eyes too.
I mean he's blue!
It matches so well with his eyes.
I feel my demise,
It's here.

Count 'em Baby By: Page Down

One, two, three.
Do the count for me.
Four, five, six.
Itís Dot Matrix.
Seven, eight, nine.
With them sheís just fine.
What Iím counting is obvious.
Iím sure they make you jealous.
Youíre eyelashes arenít brand new.
Youíve had yours since before you were two.
Bet you five bucks yours arenít that dark forest green.
Hers are the damn coolest Iíve ever seen.
So suck it up you plain eyed freak.
Dotís eyelashes canít be beat.

The Coolest Guru By: Page Down (We've been over this)

Phong is a cool guru.
He'll dish out advice to you.
But first you'll have to beat him at PONG.
Hey!  That's our quirky Phong.
He takes lots and lots of pictures,
Plus he harbours codemasters.
If he's not cool than nobody is.
I'd like to meet him in that read-only room of his.
He has his own flute riff,
It playes in many eps eg. The Tiff.
So give Phong some credit.
Believe me he deserves it.

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