Believe It Or Snot!

I'm sure you all have stayed up late nights wondering about how a Sprite gets rid of mucus, considering the fact that they have no nostrils. Here are the most widely accepted theories:

-When a Sprite blows a raspberry, snot comes out of their ears.

-Poking a Sprite's bellybutton will result in a valve to open in the nose and allow the mucus to flow right out. Just like honey. (Ew...)

-A common Sprite will explode around the age of 60.

-Boogers are passed through the digestive tract and are excreted when a Sprite visits the "little Mainframer's room".

-Energy shakes' real purpose are to dissolve the snot so that they can later spit it out. Right into a mugger's face.

-When a Sprite sweats heavily, the snot will ooze right out. For this reason, Sprites cannot wear an anti-perspirant. ( Ickies.)

-Sprites are just really good at hacking phlegm up.

-Sprites get a needle inserted into their noses once a month to suck out the boogers.

-Um, Sprites don't make snot.

-When a person is nullified, all that's left is the snot they've accumulated in their life. That's all a null is. Snot.

-Snot comes out of a Sprite's pimples. You should have seen Bob's acne in High School!

-They squirt it out of their wrists! Kinda like Spiderman.

-Snot eventually forms hard little balls which are surgically removed from a Sprite and used to play golf.

-Viruses can live off their snot for weeks if left without food. So they don't bother ridding themselves of it. MB's tastes like chicken.

-In very primitive systems, a Sprite's only defense is squirting snot from their eyes to intimidate a predator.

-A Sprite rids him/herself of snot by-

Okay, kiddies. I can see where this is going. Let's just stop here, okay? Okay.

I can't beleive I had fun writing that. Ew.