Is it true?!

*Page wanders in.* Hello! I'm sure many of you have heard about the whole business that MFE MIGHT make a 90 minute ReBoot special. If you haven't, check out and get the full details. Basically, Mairi (We love her, don't we?) said this:

I have received a few emails today requesting clarification and verification of an email sent to a fan by our Creative Godfather, Ian Pearson. Yes, it was the real Ian who emailed about a ReBoot TV movie being a distinct possibility. It is something we are looking into here at Mainframe, and we have had a few nibbles from broadcasters. (!!!!!!!) As Ian said, "its early days yet". But the renewed interest must be partially attributable to all you fans who keep asking for more ReBoot - so ..........Thanks Guys!
Stay Frosty and Keep on Keepin' On!
Mairi Welman
Director of Communications Email -
Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Tel - (604) 714-2600
#500 - 2025 W. Broadway Fax - (604) 714-2641
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6J 1Z6

She then added in a later post:

One day in Alt-TV-Reboot EveryBody went....


Hey - we still have to get a broadcaster to buy it, ya know! Don't go cardiac on me now!! We are quite excited too, and glad we saved a shred of storyline for whatever is produced in the future. It will almost certainly focus on resolving the Daemon/supervirus storyline. That's all I know for now. I will be away at NATPE (National Assoc of TV Production Executives) market in 'Nawlins' next week so I will check back in when I return. In the meantime, I'm sure you can all keep each other quite busy! :o)
PS - Completely off topic but - have you all read the Harry Potter books? I couldn't put 'em down!
Director of Communications Email -
Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. Tel - (604) 714-2600
#500 - 2025 W. Broadway Fax - (604) 714-2641
Vancouver, B.C.

Now certainly this is reason to cry laugh and dance around. (I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done this.) But we must remember several things:
1. We must not send any petitions. Petitons will piss everyone off. Trust me on this one, I've done my share of petitions - then gotten chewed out by the principal. Quote: There is a time and place for petitons and this is not one.
2. I know how tempting it is, but do not e-mail poor Mairi. She said once that she gets about 2o e-mails a day asking about Season 4 and all. Mairi is nice and will keep all posted on Go there. Also, MG keeps a pretty well updated load of info for all to view at her site. You could try there. Although, it occurs to me that you shouldn't try to bug her with e-mails about it also. (I know some of you people are thinking of it!)
3. Please don't send any pissy mail to anyone at MFE. I've heard that several people mail 'em and whine. BAD! I have a nice little proposed support. I will show it to you as long as you don't mail it to anyone at MFE. This little "prayer" ain't illegal but I'm sure no one there wants to receive a bunch of copies of it. Just print it out on tape it everywhere in you home. (Or get it tatooed on you butt)

39 episodes I have viewed.
ReBoot really has it all.
Just one more thing I ask for,
I'm sure you mighty User dude, can guess.
Please let the prosped 90 minute ReBoot special work out.
Please let it work out.

Yes, I happen to know it's stupid. Tough noogies. :)
*Page wanders back out of the room.*