WHAT is this?!

Discovered by a small child watching TV, this...this thing has scientists and telvision viewers baffled. Behold, a true mystery to science:

This "thing" is awfully hard to get a glimspe of and even harder to catch on film. Our best attempt of capturing an image of Object X (as scientists are calling it) is shown here:

Unfortuantely, this is a fairly small picture.

A group in the scientific field have done tests on a small piece of Object X that was found at Mainframe Entertainment, a company that produces a number of shows, including ReBoot. They discovered that Object X is primarily made up of Silicon (Element 14 on the Periodic Chart) and Unnibliumquackilacium. Unnibliumquackilacium is a chemical that was used in jello to give the snack its jiggle until it was discovered that the chemical caused cancer in lab cockroaches.

People still are not sure what this Object X is and what it is capable of. If you come in contact with this Object X (you will have a sudden urge to yell "Glitch, cutter!" and will feel an intense need to watch the children's show ReBoot) please do not attempt to catch it. Call your local fire department and 911.

Object X is supposed to be very dangerous, so please keep your distance.

Anyone with information regarding Object X should call 1.800.555.HAIR as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.