ReBoot in the White Pages

I got weird enough to check out ReBootish-last names in the white pages. This is what I found:

Bob... 0 listings
Bobbish...6 listings
Bobbit...3 listings
Bobbs...1 listing
Bobby...1 listing (Hmmm. Bob-like names seem popular)
Dot...0 listings
Enzor...1 listing (As close to Enzo as I could get. Scarily enough, my best friend's name was 16 listings away. Hmm.)
Matrix ...0 listings
Megison...1 listing (I wanna start calling Meggy Megison, now. :))
Ray...78 listings (Ray's a cute last name, I suppose.)
Tracer ... 1 listing
*It should be noted that there are also only 4032 people with the first name Bob, Robert or any variation of that name in the book. Our own Bob was not listed.

Rather disappointing, I think. You could probably check your local white pages and compare your results to mine. If you were really bored. :)