Dance with me Bob

This is the craft that started The Mainframe Peanut Gallery. It was the first thing on the site, and one of its most popular features. So grab your supplies and get ready to dance!

What it is: A life sized Bob figure that you will be able to dance with. I'm sure most of you have danced with a broom or mop before and this is the same idea.

What you need:
1.A slop mop. (The mop with the stringy things)
2.Either silver fabric paint or silver fabric dye. (Spray paint will do, but use caution. Some spray paint is toxic)
3.A good pic of Bob's face enlarged to be about the size of your head. Here is a before the web Bob, and here is an after the web Bob pic for you guys.
4.Silver or blue paint.
5.A Kinko's copies store or some other place that does lamination.
6.A decent colour printer.
7.Tacky glue.

What you do:
1.Print out the pic of Bob's face and get it laminated.
2.Follow the instructions on the package for the paint and dye or paint the mop strands silver. Leave it be or cut it short depending on if you want it to be Bob before the web or after the web.
3.Paint the mop handle silver or blue, once more depending on which Bob you want it to be.
4.Aiffix, with glue, the face pic to the mop down by the base where the "hair" is.
5.When everything is dry.....Voila! You now have a Bob figure to dance with.

Now try the NEW Fondle Me Bob.