I get very confused when it comes to dealing with the Bob and Dot aspect of ReBoot. See my conflicting views here.

Cute, cute.
Aren't they cute?
Playing hard to get.
Dot Bob
Will they get together?

Will they or won't they
ain't for me.
They're both morons.
Kiss or don't.
Just Friends or more.
But no more of this soap opera.

I'm sobbing, I'm crying.
It's so sad.
Bob has gone away.
Cruel, cruel, Megabyte.
Bob and Dot never more
than friends.

Oh, please.
Give me a break!
It's their own fault.
If they didn't have the balls to get together...
Megabyte did me a favor.

Oh, look!
They're back together.
And wait, what's this?
Kissing, promising,
This is great!
BobnDot are a reality.

Um, hello?
Anyone there?
This kissing is making me sick!
If it took them this long, they
don't stand a chance.

Season four, making me sad.
What's the deal here?
Thank the User they're
at least back in the
right direction.
Gimme love!

Sweet cheese, gag me with
an umbrella.
Dot's dumb, Mouse, Matrix,
AndrAIa are dumb, and Ray's
an accessory to stupidity.
I'm sick of this soap opera,
I'm sick of romance, just
keep those two away.
Bring me Bob, I'll keep him.
Yeah, that's it.