Expressions With A Twist

Expressions with a twist! These are expressions and bits of advice you may have heard, but now they have been altered to be related to ReBoot. Mwahahahaha!!! me and my evil little mind. He he ha...ah....
If you canít take the heat, get out of the Firewall.

When life gives you lemons, swallow them down and grow bitter.

Treat others how you donít want to be treated.

Donít just sit there - kill something!

Take care of your minions and they will unwillingly take care of you.

If at first you donít suceed, go into game sprite mode.

Be nice to your younger siblings - they just might get a big-ass gun one day!

To wrongs donít make a right - they make a Web World War!

Never accept candy from old men.  Always accept advice from them.

All violence ever did was win a war.

Donít count your nulls before they suck your energy.

A watched Dot never plans.

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