Have Fun with ReBoot

1. Make your french fries talk to each other as if they are Bob and Dot. Be sure to include THE KISS

2. Sing “Firewall” for your choir teacher. Ask for help hitting the high/low notes.

3. If you are a boy dress like Dot. A girl like Bob. Wearing it in public is optional.

4. Make a sandwich board sign with the “Guardian Schmardian poster on it” March up and down a busy intersection screaming “The Pretender!”

5. Tackle your friends and talk a mile a minute to them.

6. Write “Daed si Bob” all over building walls with blue spraypaint.

7. Brush up on your German accent and prance around public yelling, “Jawohl! Lord Megabyte!”

8. Sing the ReBoot re-cap song as fast as you can for as long as you can. Encourage your friends to join in and see who can last the longest before needing more ReBoot.

9. When some one wins a game do a Dot. Say, “Enzo...no..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Watch the game player jump ten feet into the air.

10. Buy a red classic car and purposly make it break down on the highway. As people pass by, announce proudly that it’s the interociter and you refuse to junk the car.

11. Eat seventy five s’mores so that you turn green like the Matrix siblings.

12. Make a ReBoot website that’s all about a toe-nail clipping you believe to be Bob’s.

13. Invest in some Katanas and threaten to sub-divide any one who crosses your path.

14. When you get mad, get MAD. Start shrieking at people, whining about your lost childhood.

15. Buy a big dog and paint it red. Train it to eat people and forget to tell it not to.

16. Girls, put on some Hex duds and invite cute strangers to dance with you.

18. Two words: Mono boob. It's a fashion statement!

19. Watch people pass by and yell out Phong advice tid-bits to them.

20. Run around on the roofs of your neighborhood in blue spandex pants. Stuff sweatsocks in the front for extra fun.

21. Blue is in this year......

22. Threaten to make the school bullies into bisquits. Wave a rolling pin around, as if to demonstate.

23. Your neighbor looks a little too much right Megabyte don'cha think? Go "check up" on him.

24. Make the area around your bedroom window look like a vidwindow frame. Talk to the birds from it daily.

25. Beg your teacher to explain propaganda to you. When he/she is done exclaim: "I now understand what proper..propa...propaganda is!"

There will be more of course......

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