Icon's Favourite Scene(s)


By: Stephen Gower(Icon)

If you haven't already noticed, I have an absolute facination with icons in ReBoot. Right off the bat, I'd like to announce that any scene involving any sort of tapping of the icon, for changing suits outside of games or ReBooting, are me favourite scenes.

But, specifically, I like the scene where Matrix runs up and dents Megabyte. While the Big Blue Guy(no, not Bob!) is one of my favourite characters, he was just laughing at Matrix, thinking that he couldn't hurt him. Megabyte also got the pounding he deserved, but fought back and almost won. But, with the help of AndrAIa's trident, he gained an advantage. He pushed back Megabyte, and when he was about to enter the Super Computer, Mouse hacked the portal and got Megabyte sent to the web.

That scene leaves many possibilities; for one, we know that Bob survived the web, and that Megabyte might be able to do so as well. It also shows us that Matrix has learned a great deal of lessons, by not killing the virus when he could easily have done so. Plus, I think he might've ruined AndrAIa's trident.;)