Page Down Explains Hexadecimal And Insanity

You see, Hexadecimal is not really chaotic. Everything she does has a rhyme or reason. The fact that the rest of us are crazy and chaotic makes it seem that she is the nut. This is not true.

Hex is completely sane. We are the insane ones. If you think you are insane then your not. If you donít, then you are. We think we are insane, therefore we are not, meaning that we are, in fact sane. This would make Hexadecimal insane. Right?

Wrong. We do think we are insane, but only when we are not. This make us insane. Unless we donít think we are insane, making us insane, making Hex sane. But since she seems insane, she is called insane by the real insane people.

Unless we are sane. Then, Hex would be insane and we would be sane. Or we might be insane as well. As I see it more than one person can be insane, except for when Hexadecimal is involved. So we canít. That makes us sane.

Unfortunately, in believing that we are sane we are proving ourselves to be insane. As I already explained, on who is insane, does not think they are insane, and one who isnít believes they are.

So you see, it makes perfect sense. Hex is insane because she does not think she is insane. This would make us sane, despite the fact that we believe we are sane, because Hex is the exception that proves the rule that there can be more than one insane person. This makes us believe that we are insane, keeping us sane and allowing us to believe that Hex is crazy and we are not despite that fact that I already said that Hex is the sane one and we are insane.

In closing, I would like to clear up all rumours and make a final statement. Hexadecimal is in fact insane, because she believes that she is sane. However because at this point, we believe that we are sane, this makes us insane as well, totally destroying the balance, making Hex appear sane, when sheís supposed to appear insane. So you see, she is insane, appearing sane, yet at the same time appearing insane, making her sane, yet sheís really insane because she believes that she is sane. I think. I donít know, because I think I am sane making me insane. Unless of course, in saying this Iím admitting Iím insane, making me sane. So I dunno. Just pass the straight jacket over, please. I hope Iíve cleared up your confusion.

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