Get out a piece of paper and a pencil, because it’s time to take the...

Personality Test

Note: This is not to be taken seriously. It’s just for fun! Don’t look at the answer key until your done. Also don’t try to figure out which answer pertains to what character - I put in some trick questions to keep you from doing just that!

1. Your friends suggest a bowling night. You:
a. Make a carpooling chart and tell everyone what order their turn will be.
b. Say, “Great!” and proceed to brag about how you kick butt at bowling - even though you’re best score was 25.
c. Laugh and run off to tell everyone that you and your friends are going bowling.
d. Decide it’s the perfect opportunity to nab that guy/gal in the group you’ve been crushing on.
e. Roll your eyes and proclaim that bowling sucks.

2. Happy birthday! It’s your birthday. You ask for:
a. A leather jacket.
b. A REALLY big cake and a tub of ice-cream. Plus twenty or so video games and action figures.
c. Nothing special, maybe a nice book or something.
d. A Dance with me Bob! (Note: Okay, self promotion, just shut up:))
e. A nice date with your crush, who happens to have brought you a really cool jacket, and...

3. You’re starving and seriously need some munchies. You:
a. Run to make some tea and cookies. Consider inviting your best friend over to have a party.
b. A pop big enough to swim in and a bag of chips.
c. Grapes, crackers, and milk. You happen to be a health nut.
d. A little bit of everything. Cookies, chips, cheese balls and a big glass of fruit punch.
e. Whatever you get your hands on.

4. Your view on happiness:
a. You’ve gotta be crazy to indulge in it too much, you’ll just get burned.
b. You have to share it with someone to make it last.
c. It’s the best thing to live for!
d. It can go to sad and then back to happy with a snap of the fingers.
e. You appreciate it more after you lose it.

5. You’re looking for a movie to watch, You pick:
a. A comedy.
b. You don’t watch movies.
c. A mushy romance.
d. A documentary on some female leader’s life.
e. An action packed thriller.

6. The best thing to do after work/school is:
a. Hang out with your friends at a restaurant.
b. Play a game of soccer, tennis, basketball - whatever.
c. Curl up with cookies and watch a cheesy movie of the week.
d. Sleep.
e. Read a really long book.

7. You take horoscopes, tarot cards, and fortune tellers:
a. As a cute idea that’s really fun to learn about.
b. As inventions created by people who have no life.
c. Very seriously. You read your daily horoscope and have the physic friends network on speed dial.
d. As a rip-off. You called a physic hot-line and got seriously burned when your mom/roommate got the phone bill.
e. You hold seances for all you friends.

8. You have a presentation to put together you:
a. Whip up something the first night and shove it away ‘till it’s due.
b. Make a big display complete with pictures, pamphlets, and magazine clippings. You manage to turn it in a few days before it’s due.
c. Put the main ideas of your research to verse and rap it out.
d. Make baked goods for the audience and then hit ‘em with your oral report.
e. Gather up awesome info, then plan a simple presentation.

9. Your room is:
a. A total mess. Clothes and unfinished projects everywhere.
b. Neat as a pin with lots of cool furniture and add personal touches.
c. Pretty barren. The bare necessities with a few things on the wall.
d. You. No decorators dream, but you like it because it has all kinds of cool toys and junk in it.
e. White walls, white bedspread, an few pictures on the wall. You don’t like having to bother with decorating.

10. If you had a million dollars you’d:
a. Spend it all!
b. Splurge a little then save the rest.
c. Invest it.
d. Buy all the stuff you really need and then save the leftovers.
e. Buy something for someone you really care about and hide the rest.

Answers: (Don’t look ‘till you’re all done!)

1. a=5 b=4 c=3 d=2 e=1
2. a=1 b=3 c=5 d=2 e=4
3. a=2 b=4 c=5 d=3 e=1
4. a=1 b=4 c=3 d=2 e=5
5. a=3 b=1 c=2 d=5 e=4
6. a=4 b=3 c=2 d=1 e=5
7. a=5 b=1 c=4 d=3 e=2
8. a=4 b=5 c=3 d=2 e=1
9. a=2 b=5 c=3 d=4 e=1
10. a=3 b=2 c=5 d=1 e=4

Mostly 5’s - Dot: You may not be a work-a-holic, but you are very self motivated and like to do the best you possibly can at everything. You probably prefer close friends to a big gaggle of people when spending your time. You take your time when you do things and make sure you did it right.

Mostly 4’s - Bob: You don’t always go with the flow, often choosing to be a little...silly. Generous and fun to be around, you still may have trouble believing that you are a truly awesome person.

Mostly 3’s - Enzo: You have a thirst for life. It’s really hard to keep you down in the dumps for long. Energetic and fun-loving, you attract people who want to be like you. If you’re an adult who got this score, all the more power to you!

Mostly 2’s - Hexadecimal: A pretty nice person with a few quirks, you’re just a person who wants to have fun and invite everyone to join you. Your mission? Finding the perfect person to let loose with.

Mostly 1’s - Matrix: If you got this score, it doesn’t mean your a mopey pain in the ascii. You just like to keep things simple and low-key. You’re a lot like the Dots because of your sensibility. You don’t like drawing attention to yourself very much.