ReBoot on PlayStation

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If you didnít know, Mainframe Entertainment teamed up with Electronic Arts and the result was a pretty cool game for PlayStation. It was the reason I bought my PlaySation system in the first place, and I personally think it was worth it.

The game is pre-Season 1. (It has Dotís Diner opening up and Frisket as a little puppy!) You get to go through levels, mending tears and blowing up viral binomes. Very fun. There are some really nifty scenes that you see when you win and lose on different levels and all the scenes add up to about one half-hour episode.

There are some REALLY funny lines that you hear Bob say throughout the game. My fav? "Holy killer calamari!" Silly, Bob!

Get a game:
This game is VERY hard to get your hands on. My copy is a used copy that I bought for $7 from a video rental store that shall remain anonymous. It doesnít have the instruction manual or anything. *sigh*

Still, there are ways of getting the game. Electronic Arts doesnít have the game on their site anymore, but you might want to e-mail them and ask about it. Funcoland often has new or used copies of it for dirt cheap. (Go here first!) KB Toys and Toys ĎRí Us are also places to check. Try E-Bay, also.

I know that many Blockbusters carry copies of the game for rental. The one in my area had two, but one copy ďmysteriously dissapeared.Ē I have no idea how! Ahem. You might ask around and see if someone in your area or on-line is willing to burn you a copy. (Wait, no! Thatís not legal. Donít do it! ~-^)

I wish you luck!

Cheat Codes:
Okay, okay. I personally donít beleive in cheat codes. I like to play a game through, despite the fact that I stink at video games. (Took me 5 years to beat a game on Gameboy!) The only cheat code I use on this game is the one that lets you play as Dot, because I donít really think thatís cheating. Still, Iíll give you the codes. These are used on the main menu screen. (The one that lets you start a new game or load a saved one from a memory card.)

Play as Enzo:
Up, left, down, left, down, L1, R1, right, down, right.

Play as Dot:
Left, R1, right, up, down, R2, L1, right, up, down.
(Note: Iíve found that playing as Dot is easiest. Sheís much easier to control. Proabably because guys are so clumsy. :))

Left, down, right, left, up, R2, L1, up, left, right.

All weapons:
Up, L1, down, up, left, R1, L2, down, left, right.

Full Glitch energy:
Right, L1, up, right, down, L1, R1, up down left.

There are shark codes, but Iím not giving them to you. Iím against them. They are, however, posted on the internet. I suppose if you ask me nicely, I could e-mail the address to you. :)

Helpful Hints:
Actually, these arenít very helpful at all. They just make the game easier...more fun.
-Yell as much as you want at the screen. It doesnít do anything, just makes you feel better.
-Turn the volume way up. Make that system voice loud and clear!
-One Baudway (Level 1), to get the blue key, JUMP OFF THE ORANGE BUILDING! (Okay, thatís helpful, but it took me weeks to figure that out. Really. But then again, Iím an idiot.
-Try to get a little kid hooked on this game. I swear, when I was little, I was a whiz at these games. Theyíll blast right through it and give you hints. (Just donít listen to Ďem when they say: You need more points! Points!)
-Donít let this game tiff you off. It will, I guarantee it. Just yell at it more!

(Note: Normally, Iím very helpful. But, I have to say this: Iím not the one to e-mail for help. Iím stupid. I donít know what Iím dong when I play this game. I just made a page on it. Go figure.)

The Rating:
This game is rated E for Everyone. So, if your parents a strict about games, never fear! I would like to point out that I think the rating is a bit...wrong. There are some pretty weird scenes that lets you know that BSnP sure ainít here. Bob has ďdreamĒ about Dot and...yeah. Itís just weird.