The 30 Day Program

We know you love the show. But do you really understand it? Do you appreciate it enough? Do you want to? if so, follow this plan and you can become much closer to everyone’s favorite show in 30 easy days. Says one Bootnick, "I never realized my obsession still had room to grow. Now I even scare my fellow Bootnicks!"

Day 1:
When you wake up, lay in bed for a few minutes and decide how you can relate this day to ReBoot. Can you do an extra-credit report on propaganda? Start referring to your female boss as sir? Perhaps recruit a friend? Go through with your plan!

Day 2:
Repeat yesterday’s exercise.

Day 3:
Wear a ReBoot T-shirt. Work or school dress code? Wear it under your blazer, or wear it after work/school. Or just carry it in your backpack/briefcase all day! Don’t have shirt? Tape a ReBoot picture to a plain one!

Day 4:
Have a ReBoot Marathon. Whether it’s one episode or 10, be sure to appreciate every episode and take notes on the little things you notice on the show.

Day 5:
Learn the words to ‘Firewall’, ‘You’re Alphanumeric’, and/or The Re-Cap Song. Know the words already? Teach them to someone else!

Day 6:
Visit Mainframe Entertainment’s website even if you have it memorized. Read all the episode summaries over; download some pictures if you can.

Day 7:
Doesn’t your room look like it could be perked-up? Tape some ReBoot pictures up! Make banners with ReBoot quotes on them and tape them to the ceiling. Spouse or roommate objects? Do it when they’re not looking!

Day 8:
Write an essay about your favorite character and why you like them. Make copies and tape them in weird places.

Day 9:
Repeat the exercise from Day 1. Change your screensaver to a scrolling marquee that’s a quote from ReBoot or something else ReBoot-related. My favorite? 99 bottles of Bob on the wall...

Day 10:
Make your lunch look like an icon. Cute your sandwich into a circles, make the shape with your noodles, around the items on your tray. Have fun!

Day 11:
List as many reasons why you like ReBoot as you can. Write on or two on your arm and don’t wash them off until bedtime.

Day 12:
Draw some ReBoot characters. Can’t draw? Who cares? I think stick-figure Bob’s are very nice.

Day 13:
Have another ReBoot marathon. This time, try to voice the words along with the characters.

Day 14:
Try to count the number of times Bob raises his eyebrows in a single episode. Re-watch the episode - you’ll be sure to miss some!

Day 15:
You’re halfway through the program! Celebrate by going to a flea-market to hunt for something Reboot-like. Ideas? A starfish pin, a teacup Phong might like, an old red cap, the list goes on!

Day 16:
Mutate a song’s lyrics the match with ReBoot. Sing it loud and proud, baby!

Day 17:
Make some ReBoot T-shirts. Whether it’s just drawing a keytool with marker on your sleeve or making iron-on transfers, be sure to put your Reboot-loving heart into it!

Day 18:
Find a scientific calculator that converts to Binary and Hexadecimal (most PCs have one) and convert important dates. (Your birthday, the year you discovered ReBoot, et cetera.)

Day 19:
Make yourself more like a ReBoot character. Cut your hair like Dot, (I’ve actually done this) pierce your bellybutton like AndrAIa, (guilty again) swear to be more energetic like Enzo, try to enjoy cocoa like Phong...whatever.

Day 20:
Commit an entire episode of ReBoot to memory. It’s not as hard as it seems!

Day 21:
Start a ReBoot notebook. Put any ReBoot ideas in it that you may have.

Day 22:
Make a pros and cons list on Megabyte’s character. Try to do Hex, Mouse, and even *shudder* Backup.

Day 23:
Write an essay about how you imagine Daemon. Try to include doodles, quotes, whatever makes it more provable to you.

Day 24:
Make an “I love ReBoot” sign and carry it around all day. You’ll be amazed at how many people actually know about the show and come up to you!

Day 25:
Write a thank-you letter to Mainframe Entertainment. Thank them for making such an awesome show!

Day 26:
Read up on computers. Understanding computer lingo will make the show even cooler!

Day 27:
Research a Reboot voice actor. Hey, you could even send fanmail to them! You just might get a reply.

Day 28:
Go on a hunt for ReBoot action figures. (E-bay, Toys ‘R’ Us, Kay-Bee Toys, Suncoast...) Can’t find any? Make your own!

Day 29:
Make something that somehow relates to ReBoot. An icon pin, a cardboard Katana, even draw a stylized “M” on a yellow marble!

Day 30:
The last day! Look back on everything you’ve done. Did you have fun? Try your favorite day’s activity again!

Whew! You made it! You are now much closer to ReBoot. Treat yourself to an episode of ReBoot or spend some time at your favorite ReBoot site.