***Page’s note: I am in fact, a hopeless romantic. There are many out there. However, when it comes to writing ReBoot fanfiction, that incredibly mushy love junk just won’t cut it. I wrote this little poem in Science class as a guide to keeping my love-meter© at a low whilst writing a Bob and Dot fic. You don’t have to listen to my advice, but I think I have a point or two.***


Pretty daisywheels in Dot’s hand.
A blue faced smile grinning back.
Goofy clichés flying back and forth,
With no child interruptions.

A cute date with a sweet plot.
But not too sappy please.
Make it simple and make it meaningful,
Without any corny tears.

Have them laugh and giggle,
Like the wicked-cool couple they are.
Remember, they’re still shy with each other.
And please make Bob blush a little.

Keep Bob’s sports coat mismatching.
Let Dot dress for pleasure.
Neither should spill depression,
When Bob has a neon tie.

No necking in the movie theatre,
Save that for Floating Point.
Keep in mind that their first kiss was awesome,
No need to live up to it.

Dot can have a piggy-back ride,
Just for the heck of it.
No, “Yee-hahs!” though,
That spoils the moment.

A simple good-bye will suffice,
It’s usually the sweetest and the best.
But, Oh please, gentle writer,
Let Dot have the last kiss.

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