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Shake it Up

Enzo Matrix absently scratched the large dog's ear as he waited. Frisket was supremely happy with the attention, pausing in his joy for only a moment to growl at a binome passerby.

Enzo Matrix was a gruff, grumpy, and stubborn spoilsport, but he never forgot how lucky he was to have someone who actually tolerated him. Enzo, or rather Matrix knew he could be a jerk, but AndrAIa put up with him, and even cared for him in spite of it. After a game in which Matrix had been, well, moodier than usual, he knew he had to do something to make up for it. Not being one to show his emotions, Matrix decided giving AndrAIa something was his best bet. Yet, short of a purple heart, what could he give the girl who put so much into his life? And survived being with him?

Matrix had wracked his brain for an idea, and had little luck coming up with something. Then, as they stopped in the system they were in now, he spotted something he knew wouldn't be the perfect gift, but would be pretty damn near it.

So now, Matrix sat and waited for AndrAIa to come back from the Principal Office where she was helping with getting a few programs back online. AndrAIa arrived only a few minutes later.

"Hey, Matrix." AndrAIa had snuck up on him, as usual, and Matrix allowed his mouth to tick upwards slightly into a smile. AndrAIa sat down next to Matrix on the clean ground, and patted Frisket's head. "I didn't forget you Frisket," she smiled as the dog sighed contentedly.

Matrix looked at the woman carefully for a moment, his brain stopped in its track by her smile. "I, um..." Matrix started, and cursed his lack of skill with words.

AndrAIa, who had pretended not to notice the crudely-wrapped package asked, "What?"

"This is..." Matrix fumbled over the words he had practiced, shoving the gift into AndrAIa's hands. "I got it...I'm sorry. About the last game, and...I'm sorry." Matrix sighed. "It's for you," he finished lamely.

AndrAIa carefull unwrapped the package, and opened the box, pulling the gift out. It was a clear sphere on a stand, with a scene inside of it, that had reminded Matrix so much of a game they once had played together. When AndrAIa shook the sphere, white dust swirled around inside, spiraling about two little snow people.

"Oh, Enzo..."

Matrix held back his blush expertly.

"I think I know you Enzo, and then you surprise me completely."

Matrix had a harder time hiding his blush, and just grunted in reply.

AndrAIa didn't need a translation. "I love you, too."