I wrote this for English class after we read The Pearl. Although I didn't really enjoy the book, I liked writing this essay!

The Song Of ReBoot

As I creep silently in the still summer night, my head is flooded with the song of ReBoot. Itís a special song, only true ReBoot fans, we bootniks, can hear with clarity. Only we can see beyond this simple kids show and hear the strong music that gives you so much energy.

As I sit in front of the television in the dark living room, I start my season one tape. Thirteen beautifully computer animated episodes, all pulsing with the strong laughter and happiness of me and the characters. My glasses are mirrors that reflect the bright colors of the computer city, Mainframe. I sigh happily at Enzoís - a character not much younger than me - innocence and precocious energy. His very own solo plays, full of hope and laughter.

The tape stops and I eject it, only to replace it with my season two tape. Thirteen more episodes, slightly better crafted, all the more gorgeous to my eyes.

My laughter softens to giggles as I am forced to ponder deep elements of foreshadowing. Then the episodes pull me closer as I watch slight changes in Enzoís face, heís getting older. Dot, his sister, gives him more responsibility as does Bob, our main character. These three are the chorus of our song, our core characters.

My eyes change slowly, like a slinking cat, from bright to wide with concern. Even though I know tragedy strikes, every time I see Bob ďdieĒ I cry.

Gently I listen to the Song of ReBoot swell with hope and pride as I change to my season three tape. As easily as a snap of the finger, my tears stop and I watch with rapt wonder. Sixteen episodes with Enzo as the focus. From a young teenager to a grown man, I watch. The Song of ReBoot gets dark as I watch changes in Enzoís solo. His powerful melody is joined with a lighter tune. Itís the music of AndrAIa, Enzoís best friend. She adds a happier note in a dark verse.

Finally, after verses and verses of saddened tunes, I feel a burst of energy. My tears of regret turn to tears of joy as Bob returns with the aide of Enzo and AndrAIa. The dark colors of season three brighten in the final episode.

Iím left with a warm glow as the beat jumps happily. Bob and Dot kiss and I know that Rebateís simple song is long gone. I sit back and reflect. The full Song of ReBoot is so special. It plays silly tunes during a remorseful verse. It lets you laugh and smile during edge-of your seat suspense. You may never understand the Song of ReBoot, but to me, itís like a tune stuck in my head. I like it there