Tongue-Twister Time!

Everyone loves tongue-twisters, right? I started making them when I had to go to speech class, and I guess my like for them stuck. Now, here are some ReBoot-related twisters for you to try!

Bob bought binary biscuits for billions of binome buddies.

Millions of Megabytes mince meaty meals.

Giant groups of guardians grabbed green grenades.

Bob brushed blue bangle bracelets with blue brushes.

Ship whip Ship snip Ship flip.

Phong flew freely face-to face-to face with Hexadecimal.

Sprites spit Pepsi at speaking bike spokes.

"The Tiff" tried to teach a teachable lesson.

Holograms from Holomark have hundreds of happy endings.

Many of Megabyte’s many minions make moola.