What Are They Up To?

Surely we all have wondered what the ReBoot cast has been up to since the end of Season Three. Here are the most likely possibilities. (According to me, that is.)

1. Infomercials: Dot marketing face cream. Can’t you see it? She’d sell a million jars to the female Bootlicks out there! "It’s a special blend of oatmeal and cyberberries, formulated to bring out your skin’s natural glow."

2. Vacations: Phong climbs the Swiss Alps, AndrAIa explores her ocean roots in the Atlantic, Megabyte visits London, Bob travels to Ontario. Everyone takes a ton of pictures and send a million postcards to the staff at MFE.

3. In The Spotlight: Wouldn’t it be just Bobly if our favorite guardian went to a few movie openings with Dot as his date? They’d be in People Magazine and on Entertainment Tonight, for sure! Bob Goen: Bob and his new love interest Dot Matrix were spotted at the opening of the new movie: One More Energy Shake. Neither were available for comment but sources say they’ve been going together for only a few weeks.

4. Humanitarian Activities: Matrix for gun control! (Okay, a little far-fetched, but bear with me.) The renegade would save hundreds of lives by pushing for a tougher grip on gun ownership, possibly banning their sale. Hey, it could happen!

5. The Internet: Mouse starts a website! She has all kinds of MP3s, desktop themes, games, fonts, and programs for your downloading pleasure. Plus she has cheat codes and helpful hints for games and links to a bunch of ReBoot websites! "Website" gets over 6000 hits a day.

6. Puppy Love: Frisket meets the lovely Fluffy and together they have a litter of 8 bundles of joy. (Frisket Jr., Fang, Maltby, Precious, Killer, Spot, Toby, and Little Fluff.) Our canine friend slinks from the spotlight and devotes his time to his new family. Aww...

7. No More Kiddie Stuff: Enzo joins an elementary school Mafia and follows the Greeks in their escapades. He changes his name to Tony, aquires three wives and narrowly avoids being killed in a squabble between another group of Greeks.

8. Weight Watchers: AndrAIa balloons to 300 pounds. Stressed-out over unemployment, she turns to food to comfort herself. She decides that moo-moos are the way to go and disappears from the public eye. Later, we hear that she’s made friends with Richard Simmons, but there’s no truth to that claim.

9. The Real ReBoot: The cast of ReBoot moves into an old house in the Supercomputer to have their lives taped 24 hours a day. The found out what happens when "people stop being polite." And you thought Matrix couldn’t stand Ray before!

10. Magazine Girl: Dot begins a career in the modeling industry. She becomes the highest paid model for Calvin Spline AND Lane Magazine. Apparently, Bob gets signed copies all the magazines she’s in.

11. Down Under: Ray travels to Australia and discovers that he has an awful lot in common with Kangaroos. He’s never heard from again.

12. Virus in Vegas: Hexadecimal travels to Las Vegas. There she meets and marries Trent, a body-piercer rock star. Hex starts a new career as an exotic dancer.

13. Bestseller: Megabyte writes a book on taking over a system. He holds signing sessions and hires several bodyguards to keep the numerous Meggy fans at bay.

14: Couch Potato: Nothing. They all do nothing. Well, the eat and sleep and sit around in the diner...but, well, that’s it.

15: Olympic Champ: Phong represents Mainframe in the Olympics, playing PONG. He surprises Team Liechtenstein and steals the gold medal. Gimme a P! Gimme a H! Gimme an O! Gimme and N! Gimme a G! Phong!