The Dot: A Survey

Dot looks a bit different in season three. Ahem. But do regular people really notice the main difference so many Bootniks grinned when season three rolled around. Heh. They don't.

I brought two pictures of Dot to my school during finals week. I polled as many people as possible, as long as they weren't Bootniks (out of ten thousand people, I wish I would have found at least one person who likes the show!). I asked them a variety of questions. Look over the results, see what you think.

Seen the show?
Yes No
48% 52%

Chest issues in picture #1?
Yes No
100% 0%

Difference's between the pictures:
Background colors Clothes Skin color Camera angle Other*
12% 52% 12% 4% 20%

*There are tons of others! One person said Dot looked more gothic in #2. Another said she looked evil in that pic. Another compared #1 to fluoride at the dentist and #2 to that chick from the Matrix *evil laugh*. One soul (Raybie, you made my day) said that in #1, Dot's in the computer and in #2, she's in a game. His cousin makes him watch ReBoot. Hehe.

Which do you prefer?
#1 #2 Don't care
28% 68% 12%

Phrases used to describe Dot's chest:

"there's two of them!"
"there's four of them!"
"kinda muscle-ly"
"Number two's are bigger" - Duh.
"little bit" Don't know what that's supposed to mean, but since he said she was in a game, I'll forgive 'im.

And that's that!