Bob's Attic

Your run-of-the-mill, Misc. section. Some of this suff is actually pretty cool... *ahem*

I compare Reboot characters to characters from other fandoms.

Bob and Mr. Ascii Wallpaper

Herr Doktor Wallpaper
Thanks to MG for the pic used in the wallapaper. The German translates as: "Do you love me?" Yes, Herr Doktor, we do!

A Guardian License
Just for you! Fill it out, add a picture, and you're a card-toting system guardian! Fun! (Laminating this will help!)

Picture Frames!
One of Dot and Li'l AndrAIa. Just print, cut it out, paste it to cardboard and cut out the center. Then cut out a solid piece of cardboard the same size and glue to it to the back with one end open to slip a picture in. Just make sure to glue only around the edges!

Icon's Essay
Icon wrote this when I asked a question about your favorite ReBoot scene. Visit Icon's site here.

Countdown to ReBoot
Journal entries of mine counting down to, um...ReBoot.

Fun with ReBoot

Robert Eyebrows

The Little Peanut Behind This Mess

My Trophy Case