Countdown to ReBoot

When we got a definite day for new Reboot in the US, I was super excited. I bought fresh VHS tapes, and stated thinking about the new episodes and generally making a fool of myself. I decided to make some entries in one of my ReBoot notebooks, counting down the time to new ReBoot, and what I did during that time. So here it is.

But before we start, let me tell you this: I didn't edit anything when I put it up here. I just typed exactly what I saw from my notebook. So the grammar may look weird in some places and I get a bit rambly. I made a few things more understandable by adding little pieces in brackets. I also put a few notes in italics. But that's it. Okay, let's get ready to reboot!

10.18.01 6:32 PM Thursday

Couldn't find a blue pen. Dang. Making rice, watching the news, writing this. I'm pumped for tomorrow, and have been gathering all the stuff for a good ReBoot outfit for tomorrow. Went online earlier and check out The List and a minor glitch. Trying not to sound too much like a drooling fangirl, all I can say is, "I'm sooooo excited! Eee! Happy, happy, happy!" My fresh, unopened pack of VHS tapes are ready to rock, sitting on my VCR next to Seasons 1-3. Did a test-run for recording on Tuesday by taping "Smallville". All is well. I just hope we don't get some flood warning scroll by one the screen while it's on. That would...suck. Note: I have bad luck with taping stuff. I live in Michigan, and the weather's always unexpected. So we'll always get emergency warnings and such when something really good's on. I worry about it.


Cat's being overly friendly. I think she's trying to borrow my ReBoot tapes. Hmph!


Ooh, green gel pen! Went upstairs, tried to think of something other than Reboot - failed. Not too broken up about it. My tapes are still safe - should probably open them. My Bob and Dot figures are in their right spot on the shelf next to the right of the TV. I might move them to the little table the TV's on. Hmm. Might look cool.

I'm going to change into my PJs, get these contacts out, study for my government test and...I dunno. Oh, yeah. Remove my chipped nailpolish, because even I know I'll look bad if it's still on tomorrow with "I Love Bob" written all over my hand.

Yawn. Better get crackin' before I zonk out.


Okay. Couldn't find my black nailpolish, so I couldn't paint my nails like Dot. I settled for a nice pearly color even though it's not really ReBoot related. I'm in my PJs, which are hospital scrubs and a Reboot shirt (the cast one you can get at MFEs site). I'm ready to turn in (yes, I got to be[d] fairly early), so I think I'll get under the covers now. It's time to say my prayers, thank [insert deity here] for bringing new Reboot and turn in. The sooner I go to bed, the sooner Friday, 5;30 EST comes.

10.19.01 Friday, 5:52 AM

I slept in, waking up to discover that it was 5:00, not 4:30, (Yes, I have to get up rather early, [too]). But I'm all dressed and ready to go. Here's what I'm wearing:
- Meggy shirt
- Theater mask earrings (Hex!)
- Penguin necklace (Feathers!)
- A letter bead necklace that says, "Alphanumeric"
- Starfish pin
- Blue jeans
- Green sock[s]
- Blue underwear (yes, you need to know that)
Note: My green socks, blue underwear was meant to symbolize Bob and Dot. I tried to explain this to people, and they got pretty weirded out.

Naturally, I hope to throw on a pair of boots before I leave.

ReBoot will be on in a few minutes, but I have to leave the house by 6:20, so I'll miss part of it.

I went on an oreo binge yesterday, so I had no breakfast. There's no food in the house, so my idea of a Reboot-y breakfast was scrapped. I'll buy some cocoa when I get to school instead of coffee, and that'll make me happy.

Hrm. Trying to Remember what episode is on today...oh! it's starting! They've started showing the opening credits which is awesome! Ooh, Bob. Ah! He raised an eyebrow. "High Code" is the one showing. Okay, I'll shut up.


Oh! The boxes in Bob's apartment have the "#@*!" curse symbols like in comics on them! Ooh, cool!


Run, Phong!


zo's a delinquent!



Dang. Gotta go.


Blue metallic pen! Woohoo! So, here I am at school...ho hum. Waiting for class to start. The name of the course is Biology Blue. Oooh. Think it means something? I do. No money for cocoa; I really need to plan ahead.

10 hours, 5 minutes to ReBoot!

7:34 AM

Okay, normally, I can operate while thinking about Bob and Mainframe and Bob and Daemon and Bob and Bob and Bob.

Whatever. But here I am, supposed to be graphing enzyme reactions when the pH, temp and concentration is changed, and...I can't. And I was just told to do the graphs, and I tried but couldn't! Will it be like this until 5:00 today? I have tests! I need to...I need my Dance With ME Bob. Sigh. Lemme try again.


Another blue pen! this one's easier to write with. And I can use in to start writing "I love Bob" on my hand.


I spot nine magnets in this room. Is that safes? What if a sprite walks in?


Another blue pen! Lotsa people have pretty flowers, and now I'm a'hopin' Bob'll get me one. But he's not here so...yeah. Bob's in my closet. Probably trying on the boots that I didn't have time to put on this morning. Dang guardian. The pen on my hand smeared. Sigh. Let's do some math...8 hours, 32 minutes until new Reboot! Eee! I can't wait! Take me home! I won't be able to sit through the Crucible! Wow, this'll be trip to type up and post on the site. Note: Yes, it is a trip. I'm sitting here, eating olives and wondering what I was on that morning.

I've gotten three comments on my Meggy shirt so far. I'm scaring people with my countdown.

8 hours, 31 minutes.


It looks like rain. I swear to Bob, if we lose power...there'll be Note: I'm cutting out a few words, because they sound a bit...crazy I AM THE USER! Sigh.


At there's a button with theater mask! Hex!


Had a lunch of chips. Yum! I felt like Enzo. Discovered a chick who used to watch ReBoot, and another who laughed at my countdown. Bought myself a rose (it's from Bob if anyone asks). I've got a test in a few minutes, and I'm ready to invoke Phong here. The sky looks slightly better, but I keep on thinking something horrible will go wrong. My VCR will explode, or the cable will be shut off for some obscure reason. I had to wash off the stuff on my had because it smeared. I'll rewrite it, but it hurt like heck to scrub off.

Whoop, better go.


Let's see...5 hours and 24 minute until ReBoot! Test seemed easy enough (Note: I got a C on it. Ugh. But then next test I took in there I did really well.), but now I have an urge to compare Matrix to Alexander Hamilton. If Mainframe made a constitution, what would it say? Dang. You know you're lame when you compare US government to a Canadian television show. My rose is pretty...

Y'know, I've been thinking. If any of you dorks who are actually reading this have read the stuff in the Writings's got a lot of mushiness. Do I really want a lot of mushiness in the new episodes? Maybe, if it's not [too] cute. Dot will have to whap Bob around a bit. It's hard to believe I'll actually find out in a few hours. I can't wait to get out of here. Reboot, Reboot, ReBoot! Eee! I need to jump up and double-click on my icon!


3 hours and 49 minutes! Saw a teacher's wedding pictures and got that warm fuzzy feeling...aren't Bob and Dot cute together? Sigh. Now I want some mushiness [in the episodes].


3 hours! My AGS class (poopy math suff) just finished taking a test on...matrices! I've started naming each matrix Matrix Dot or Enzo, just 'cause I'm a goof. 2 hours, 59 minutes...

I'm getting REALLY nervous!


On my way home! As long as public transportation doesn't fail, I should be home before 3:00 and set to go.

Bus not moving...getting nervous.


2 hours, 39 minutes!


I hour, 52 minutes! Wow!

Remember what I said about public transportation? I live in the downtown area, surrounded on three sides by train tracks. Today, a train was sitting at the crossing, not letting us through. Naturally, I proceed to hyperventilate while the person next to me is weirded out. Luckily, the driver took an alternate route and I got home safely before 5:00. But that sure knocked a few years off my life. I was ready to get out and walk home.

Time to chill before I have to prepare the VCR.

1 hour, 47 minutes!


Note: The time between 4 and 5 would not have been pleasant for anyone to see. I'm sorry you have to read this.

54 minutes to go! I checked the VCR and it's set. The tape is in, and even tested it. I looks like it might rain, but hopefully it won't. Or at least, I hope we don't lose power or get a storm warning show up on the screen. I truly cannot believe that in 51 minutes, I'll see all new Reboot! How incredibly awesome!

I just know I'll have to run to the bathroom a million times before it starts, because I'm afraid I'll have to go during ReBoot. Sigh.

Okay. Just went pee. It's kind of cold in my room. Would it be sacrilege to put a sweatshirt on over my Meggy shirt so close to new Reboot? I'll just use the quilt.


I'm worried that if I close my eyes, I'll fall asleep and miss ReBoot. I'm not really tired, but you never know.

I am so lame. Note: I wasn't so lame, as I am prone to fall asleep before something really good comes on. I once zonked out and missed the pilot of M*A*S*H when they were showing it one day on FX. I also once slept through watching Star Trek with my mother when I was 4, because I was sick. Not that you care. :)


Watching Ed Edd and Eddy. Note: Well, I was staring at the TV, with the VCR remote held tensely in my hand.

Which one dies Kathleen Barr voice? She's doing Dot's voice, right? Right?

Nervous, nervous.


Had to pee again. My dad called. He say I have a problem.

Like I didn't know.

4:27 you think they'll spoof Powerpuff Girls? Just saw a commercial for 'em and wondered...

33 minutes!


Peed again. Mom called. That woman is cutting it way too close. Note: She's been calling just minutes before Reboot starts every Friday since. I've been taking the phone off the hook once ReBoot starts. I'm shaking. Is that normal?


14 minutes!


I have really violent butterflies in my stomach. Show me the Reboot!


Okay, that's it. No more peeing.

Eeep! But I have to go!


7 minutes! I can hardly write!




Okay, I need to stop this. I should scan this paper. The writing's getting terrible. Note: Indeed, it had. My hands were shaking uncontrollably.


Wow! Wow, oh wow! Wow wow wow. Bob looks dang fine!





And there it ends. I ended up rewatching the first two parts numerous times over the course of the weekend like a lot of people. Boy, was the waiting worth it.