I update, therefore I am.

August 6, 2002:

You're all going to kill me, aren't you? Thought so. I have a short little ficcy for y'all to read today. It's called A Little Talk, and while it doesn't make up for my laziness...it's a bit of redemption on one man's part. Feedback is always welcome.

I ditched the pop-up ads. They were making me very...agitated. Yes. So we have banners now, which I don't particulary like, but they crash less computers. So yeah. I'll try to work on a layout that looks more balanced with the ads. In the meantime, you all know how to use the scroll bar. :)

And, by the way. I've recently started a small site for some of my non-ReBoot writings. It's Emotionally Retarded, and if you like Bet-fic, that's the place for you!

Finally, if you wanna take a look at two pics from my birthday (which was in June), you can check this out.

Guess that's it. You all take care!

April 5th, 2002:

Yo! Hey! Howdy! Wassup! I've got an update for you today, yes I do! In Writings we have ourselves a little essay called Bob!. And no, I have zero creativity when it comes to naming things. Why do you ask? :)

Also, I updated The Little Peanut Behind This Mess, which currently resides in Bob's Attic. There's slighty updated info, and a VERY new pic. Wow. Aren't you just tickled pink.

Anywho, enjoy the essay, laugh at me, and have a great day. Ta!

PS - And I just realized I had typed ALL the URLs wrong. Silly me.

February 13th, 2002:

Hey, there! The Day of Love is just a day away. Yeah, yeah; it's just a Hallmark Holiday, whatever, but you get an update with the deal, so zip it. :)

Go check out the poem Confuzzled in the Writings section of this site. Am I a hopeless romantic or love cynic? A little of both, it seems.

Ah, yes. And anyone who needs a Valentine - I'm your chica! 'Til next time!

February 5th, 2002:

Here we go again, with a lack of updates. I don't know WHAT my problem is, but I need to whip my little bum into shape, eh? I would just like to point out that the URA nominees are up, so you should go there and vote. Preferably for me in the categories of Best Writer and Best Single Story (Drama) for Initials, but there are tons of cool sites and other pieces of work and people to vote for so get crackin'!

Oh! And do look at the darling picture that's on the site for my nomination of Best Writer. It's Oracle! Who has nothing to do with ReBoot at all, except this, but that's okay. I'm happy.

Yeah. I'm happy. There will be a small update for Valentine's Day, because I've slowly morphed into a hopeless romantic over the years (it's all the Bob/Dot mush!). And the links page WILL be updated. E-mail and harass me if it isn't. 'Til next time!

January 2nd, 2002:

I'm staring at this blank .txt and thinking about what to write. This is my first update of the New Year, and I kinda want to make it interesting. I'd like to write down some resolutions that I'll keep, and reflect on 2001.

Ain't gonna happen. I will say this: I didn't update much in 2001 (think: February 14th to September 7th), but I enjoyed doing the little I did. I love this site, and I love the people in the ReBoot online community that I've gotten to meet over the years. You guys are all so much cooler than most people out there in my real world.

This year, I am definitely not going to resolve to update this site more often (I did that last year, and look what happened). Instead, I'm resolving to have as much fun as possible with ReBoot. That'll probably result in more updates. I can swing that, don'tcha think? I want to talk to all the awesome peeps who frequent this site and other sites. So I'm going to try (keyword: try) to get into #reboot more, and I encourage you to e-mail me. Just to chat, man! Sound good? Sure it does. I'm a dork, but I'm coo', foo'.

As for the update, it's a small one. If you poke around The List Forum, you'll have already seen it. It's an itty bitty ficlet called Shake It Up in the Writings section. It's got a wintery theme, and Bob and Dot aren't found ANYWHERE in it. Impressive, eh? Let me know if I've pulled off this pairing okay-like - there might be more to come.

Hrm. Well, I soon plan to revamp the linking page...not tonight, though. There's also a little update I want to get typed up and htmled...I have four more days off; let's see if I can get that done. I've been off since the 21st, but I've been either SUPER busy, or SUPER tired. I zonked out yesterday afternoon and today. Yawn.

Anyway, this is rapidly becoming longer than the ficlet itself, so I'm going to sign off. I hope all's well where you are, and that you enjoy the little update.

PS - Vote for me and my ficcies. Because we ALL know how cool I am. Right? Right.

December 7, 2001:

I've got two things for you today, and they're both in the Writings section of this site. The first is a short ficlet called Blue and Green. It's a Bob/Dot ficlet, and I like it very much. I hope you do too!

Secondly, I have some called Napkin Ruminations. It's a collection of weird poems about Bob that I wrote on a napkin in a small, cramped office on the twenty-first of November. They're really dorky. But I like 'em.

That's it for now, but I'm still slowly fixing up the site. You'll notice that a few of the subpages have new fonts and link colors. Hopefully I'll get everything consistent soon. There are also some messed-up links I hope to fix within the site. Also, expect an updated linking page...eventually. There are some places I want to link to, and some links that badly need updating.

That's it for now, hope you enjoy!

November 11, 2001:

Hey! I've got an update for you. In Bob's Attic, check out Countdown to ReBoot. Read and watch me worry, babble and wonder. But it's not too impressive.

I've got a crapload of ideas for this site and one update sitting on my harddrive, but they've got spoilers, so they won't go up until Canada gets to see "Daemon Rising" (which is AWESOME, by the way).

As for the site itself, I'm going to be sneaking around, debugging parts of it bit by bit. I'm going to fix the links page and make all the pages as uniform as possible (font, colors, et cetera). That'll go with the mainpage, when I change the Dot picture. I may just go back to the color Dot, but I have a trippy idea I might use.

Finally, I'm involved in the planning of a Reboot con that was MGs brilliant idea. So go check out rebootcon.com if you're interested in going or helping. Kay?

September 21st, 2001:

Lookie here, another update! I've got the fic I mentioned in my last update up. I like it a lot. So you can go check out Paladin if you want. Bob and Dot work togther and actually NOT kiss. Wow.

Before I let you go do whatever, I want to express my sadness about the events of 9-11-01. My heart goes out to those affected by that tragedy. I hope you all are safe right now.

September 4th, 2001:

In this update: Paige gets a clue.

Hey there, everybody. Long time no see. First of, anyone who's actually still visiting this site despite the lack of updates deserves a huge round of applause, a pat on the back, and my many thanks. So there you go. Secondly, I'm very sorry about the lack of updates. The sad fact is, I have no brilliant excuse besides apathy, plain and simple.

Of course, I had the whole summer to do some amazing updates, and I wait 'til I'm back in school to do any work on this site. Figures. :)

What I have for you today is a small update and a promise of more to come. Go check out Bob's Attic and you'll discover two picture frames for you to print, cut out and put a picture in. How's that!

I have three things I'm currently working on and hope to get up soon. There'll be a fic (all I need to do is html it), a little something to cram in Weird Stuff and something else to put in Bob's Attic. The latter will let you take a look-see into my overly sarcastic mind. If there's not another update soon, feel completely free to harass me from here on out - Lord knows I deserve it!

Lessee...that's it for the moment. I hope everyone enjoyed their Summers and are surviving the Fall. Or survived their Winters and are enjoying their Springs. Whatever. :)

February 23rd, 2001: Hey there. See? Dot's back up, with a little revision. I was going to do the whole front page in B&W but I didn't want you guys to think your computer went monochrome.

So! I made a new page called Versus! in Bob's Attic. I put Bob vs. Arthur there and a new one called You're My Heroine! It's Dot versus Batgirl. I also put a new fact in Did You Know That.... Did you think I had forgotten that? :)

And that's it for today! Enjoy!

January 19th, 2001: Heyas. This is getting freaky, huh? The updates haven't been this close together since I started this site! Can you guess what my New Year's resolution was? Heh!

Let's see what we've got. Ah, yes! It was strange. I got a bunch of e-mails by people who were weirded out by the picture of Dot on the main page. I loved it! But since Valentine's Day is coming up, I changed it. For now. When the holiday of love passes, Dot'll go pack up. You big babies. ^-^

I added a new thing called Beleive It Or Snot! It's all about snot, my friends. I put it in the new section called Weird Stuff. I took some of the stuff from Bob's Attic and put it in there, too.

What else? Aha! I FINALLY made a new banner, which I have placed in the Link Us section. *nods* I think that's all. Not bad for a day's work.

Oh! Oh! You won't beleive how happy I am. You see, first we started out with one TV and VCR (that broke and won't record) in the house (yes, we're poor:)). I got a TV for Christmas from my aunt and uncle who teamed up. Neato. Still, we needed something to record stuff. I missed Matthew Broderick on the Late Show! So! I found out my aunt has an extra VCR that she'll give us. Meaning, I can finally tape Trust No One (when it comes back on Toonami) AND tape the ReBoot movie when it airs. Whee!

Hrm. Tommorow I go shopping for a new navel ring and get a Batman Beyond comic. Fun! If you ever have a chance, check that show out. It's spiffery.

See you guys later!

January 18th, 2001: Ooh. Two days later, and another update. And this ones marginally better. Honest. Check out The Dot. It's living in Bob's Attic. Yeah.

Finals are over for me, and I have Friday off. Which is nice. I'll be working on some stuff for you guys; hopefully they're funny. I think I've lost my sense of humor. :)

What else? Oh! Iffen you like, you can look at this. I'm trying to remember why I put it up on the server. It's on the first battle of Manassas (Civil War). Hrm. Guess that's it.